Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009

For breakfast we had a plain omlet (2 eggs, powdered milk, & chicken bullion) with 5 or 6 slices of tomato and a bowl of very runny, very milky, very bland oat meal and a glass of water.
For lunch for we had a half of a chicken breast (bone in) covered in a sort of BBQ sauce, but it was made with soy sauce and some sort of sweetener, with a pile rice, a bowl of chicken noodle soup (spaghetti noodles) and a little salad of sliced lettuce and shredded carrots, the dressing for all of the salads so far have been a wedge of lime...
Class is progressing well. Everyday I realize, more and more, how bad my spanish was. The pronunciations were about half wrong. Clemente, my teacher, is setting me straight though. I will post more pictures shortly.
My teacher, Clemente, went with me to get a cell phone today so I could call home more often. Everyone seems to have a "trac-phone" of sorts, no contract, you just buy minute cards and load them on to your phone. My phone was the cheapest they had, it cost $20 and came with 130 minutes per-loaded, plus another $12 dollars to buy an extra 300 minutes (special for the day). The minutes count as 2 if you call the states. So, I really got 215 minutes plus the phone for $32...


  1. No, every thing is in Guatemalan Quetzales. The exchange rate is about $1 to Q8.