Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, Sep. 27, 2009

Woke up several times during the night, the bed was comfy, I chalk it up to strange surroundings. I finally roll out of bed at about 5:55, was out for stroll by 6:30. I was lost by about 7:15... Definitely getting my exercise here. The streets are either up or down, nothing flat or straight it would seem. There are no "paved" roads here, they are either; cobble stone (volcanic rock?), cement pavers, or dirt.
I did more photographs during my little walk this morning. I had fresh squeezed orange juice (squeezed while I waited) for breakfast, cost about $0.40. After returning to the house for about an hour I head back out to try to lost again. San Pedro is a town of 13,000 Mayan people and as I am finding out many foreign residence as well. I have met a couple of Americans in passing, 2 Swedes and many more Israelis.
I found the "mercado", bought a watch ($3), and had a chita (cousin to the tamale), then found the short cut from the casa, to the school, then to the tourist area. I did get registered at the school ok, then had a little dessert while used the Internet, brownie & coffee. The coffee was instant coffee made with milk (not bad) and the brownie was made with chocolate from here in Guatemala. The brownie was very good, but still no match for the brownies made by the amazing Chelsey.

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  1. Awesome.....keep the reports coming, Arnie! Glad you made it there safely.