Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, Sep. 26, 2009

I left Columbus Saturday at 7:05 AM (on time, but last time on time). Flight was late getting into Atlanta (rain had them backed up). Got my exercise for the day, gate had been changed and no one told me it was also delayed, so I jogged the entire length of concourse "E" only to find out it had been changed to concourse "T", so I took the train (hold on) and jogged the entire length of concourse "T". Only to find out the flight was delayed and I had plenty of time... The flight went off without a hitch, the in flight movie (that helped with passing the 3 hour flight) was "Ghost of Girlfriends past".

Antonio picked me as scheduled, maybe a little early, but was good. 5-1/2 hours, and 9 other passengers later, we arrived in San Pedro. A taxi takes me the home of Viki & Rafael. I am showed my room, took forever to find the right key, and ordered to eat dinner. When I said I had to use the Internet, it was a clear "after dinner". So, after dinner, I send off a quick email to my lovely, all be it nervous, wife. An hour later I find a restaurant with wi-fi. I am not hungry, so I have a couple of Gallo Cervezas while I use the free wi-fi to up load some pictures and email Bren one more time.

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