Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2009 updated

Breakfast was ok; it was the same thing as supper 2 nights ago, a piece of chicken breast, rice, & red sauce. Yes, for breakfast. Lunch was boiled whole (small & peeled) potatoes, carrots, quisquil (pronounced whiskil, a type of hard squash), and home made guacamole. Supper last night was a mushy tamale from a street vendor and small bag of chips (local variety), nothing to get excited about, but it was movie night and the movie ran late.
The photo of the older woman is just that, a woman walking up the hill I was waling down. The picture was taken as she passed by me. I would guess her at about 65, 4'6", and less than 90 pounds. Carrying cooking fire wood on her, they carry everything on their head here. Last week I saw an older fellow pick up eight cement blocks (tied together) on his back (with a strap around his forehead) and carry them around the side a house and up a flight of stairs. They truly know the meaning of hard.
And of course, more flowers for my beautiful wife.

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