Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2009

Nothing new to report. I have found that I really like "Jamaica Tea". It is made with the dried flower of the Haibiscus plant. You can buy it already in the tea bag made by lipton and that is good, but not as near as good as the real deal. The 2 "intern" student/teachers, they get to hang around all day and practice their English and learn teaching techniques in exchange for a little manual labor around the place. They are Luis & Lucy, both are 18 and this is their "further education".
They have been running around taking pictures with my camera, and here they are.

Breakfast was "liquado de fresa & pan dulce". "Liquado de fresa" is fresh strawberrys blended with water into a sort of smoothie and "pan dulce" is a cross between a roll and donut (but not fried). It was a lot better than yesterdays breakfast, but nothing compared to the other family. Lunch today was about a third of piece of a chicken breast, rice, and a tomato sauce. It was alright until I added ground up hot pepper (when they say pepper they mean pepper), that helped with adding more flavor. I told them I would not be home for "cena" (supper) because of the movie tonight. Tonight is "Conversation Club" until 6 then it is a movie "Las Cruces". Yeah, I don't have to have beans for supper...

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