Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, Oct 5, 2009

No internet access on Sunday. I changed families on Saturday. The new family, Felix & Fransisca Gonzales live much closer to the school, buteh accomodations are not as good. I now have to share a bathroom and the food is no where near as good. Granted I have only had one breakfast (corn flakes) and one lunch (broccoli dipped in pancake batter and fried and a little tomato sauce on the side). I look forward to supper tonight, if it sucks too, I will start to eat out... The pictures are of my view, my bedroom, the guatemalteco bathroom (too short for me), the regular bathroom and the entrance to the bathroom.
Class is still good. I think I am having Spanish overload. I keep forgetting things I just learned (5 minutes ago). I think the secret is to learn a little, use it for a while, then return to learn a little more, etc. Only 4 more class days.

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